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Welcome to our workshops and Campaigns Page. Workshops run throughout the year. These are primarily recorded online but because we are constantly updating our information you will also get the opportunity to attend live events and join a discussion group after the workshop. We also now have regular workshops in Person, in London. See below for the latest workshop dates.   Campaigns run periodically throughout the year and are an ideal way to access all of Jane's classes and also get the opportunity to meet other online members of Jane's highly popular programmes.  If you'd like to be sent information please get in contact and let us know so that you can be the first to know of our next campaign. 


Fitmass is our latest campaign and  exclusively for anyone signed up to our classes. It  runs in the 10 weeks up until Christmas  - You can join at any point during that time but sooner you get going the better!


It is based around the principle of moving in multiple ways and eating with a Protein focus on every meal. Research has shown this to be a really successful way to lose body fat, particularly visceral fat which is the dangerous fat around organs and leads to metabolic disease such as diabetes. It follows the latest science on how to eat and move for optimum health and is led by two professionals in exercise physiology and nutrition - Fitness expert Jane Wake  and Dietician Nicola Schleifer. 


Whatever life stage we are at,   we need to be thinking onwards with our health and not just in the here and now. So whether you are pre-pregnant, postnatal, peri-menopausal, menopausal or post, we need to look at how we can continue to find the best ways to incorporate practices into our lives that stick with us because they feel right and make a difference. Our bodies change as we go through each life stage so this does mean, what may have worked for you previously, may not work as you go through those changes. Our workshops are designed to help you look at various aspects of these changes and find solutions that you can do in small steps to help you progress. By joining FITMASS however you have the added benefit of us monitoring your activity levels and working with you to help you find what works best for you. We will support you through chat groups, online meetings and workshops  to help you decipher fact from fiction and make true positive changes in your life.  


Through our classes we are able to offer you multiple ways of moving. During FITMASS therefore we will be encouraging you to try and do lots of our classes plus outdoor activity on your own to make up a formula that research shows can give greater effect than just sticking to one mode of activity. One study (1)  looked at a formula they called PRISE. PRISE stands for PROTEIN with every meal, RESISTANCE exercise, INTERVAL training, STRETCH training and ENDURANCE training.  The study put subjects into 3 different groups, One with just the focus  on Protein, one with just a focus of Protein and Resistance exercise and one with PRISE. Whilst all groups showed favourable results, the PRISE group gained the best results of all. 


Whilst this study was small in numbers and subjects involved in the study  will vary greatly from YOU personally,  there are numerous other studies that show favourable results with similar modalities.  


Most literature points towards the fact that there is NO one modality! Many will work!  What you have to find the one that works best for you! 


FITMASS is all about helping you to find a difference  - and in doing so, a way of eating and moving that works for you.

For the first 2 - 3  weeks, (up until the 6th November) we will be encouraging you to move and eat with your own preference and without any intervention from us. We will monitor this and use it as a base line to then look at how you can tweak it and move forward over the following weeks up until Christmas. In addition we will be creating workshops that enable us to explore the research and discuss what each mode of exercise and eating protocol does and how you can make it work for you. 


We will also look into social-psychological aspects that are often the key to moving forward - we are an ever changing model! Which is important to consider! 


If you would like to join us, please let us know by contacting us here



In Person Workshop 1  
Tooting Bec Lido, London
Saturday 13th Nov 12.30-2.30pm. Pilates for Beginners, Sports and Rehab

In this workshop Jane will cover the principles of Pilates, How it can help you with movement function, whether thats to help with posture, issues after child birth, recovery from sports injury or just as a start of a new well being journey. Using tried and tested methods developed by Jane for improving posture, strength, power, co-ordination, balance and overall wellbeing. Learn techniques and take away exercises to help you strengthen core muscles throughout the body and work on muscle length, strength and balance. Jane Wakes Pilates Flow is a unique way of moving that put pilates and other holistic disciplines together into a dynamic flowing sequence. In this workshop, after working on our own individual needs we will go through a Pilates Flow sequence at a slow pace so that you can get to know how to do each move effectively. This is great to do if you have never done Pilates before, have injury/muscle balance concerns or if you are new to exercise. We will provide some mats, yoga straps and bands but , due to covid, you may wish to bring your own.

Workshop Online 1
“It’s not me - it’s my hormones!”
The Female Hormone Journey

Our hormones affect us physically throughout our entire adult life yet we rarely understand truly how and,  most importantly,  what we can do to help us harness the power of our hormones to live a healthier, less stressed life. This workshop will look at the rise and fall of the Female sex hormones and how that impacts on us physically, and why Jane believes we all have to work together,  whatever our age or life concern - pubescent, menstrual, prenatal, postnatal, peri - post - menopausal to bring better health at any stage in your life.  Join live and get your questions answered on air or put them to Jane before hand so that she can include them in the workshop

Workshop  Online 2
The Power of Your Pelvic Floor

Jane has been teaching specific pelvic floor exercises for over 16 years and during that time has seen attitudes, research, and huge variance in thinking and support for Pelvic Floor Health. This workshop will give you a really easy to understand and comprehensive  overview of the Pelvic Floor, will bust some myths and look at the common issues we have, and most importantly, how we can best overcome all of these. She will also help you to unlock the power of your pelvic floor by unveiling it's inner most secrets!  Join live and get your questions answered on air or put them to Jane beforehand so that she can include them in the workshop

Workshop Online 3
Putting your Best Foot Forward

Our feet are our foundations. Jane has recently been exploring the foot in relation to our movement in a lot more detail and will be sharing in this workshop some insights on how important the feet are for our overall movement and well being. After suffering from achilles tendon issues since a teenager, Jane looks at how barefoot practices and strengthening the feet can alleviate problems up the chain and vice versa.    From your big toe to your tongue! -  We will explore the connections and learn how to feel stronger and more connected in mind and body by putting your feet first! Join live and get your questions answered on air or put them to Jane before hand so that she can include them in the workshop

Workshop Online  4
Beyond Counting Calories - Eating Smart. 
with Nicola Schleifer
State Registered Dietician and Health Coach. 

How the way you fill your plate affects belly fat. A look at the science behind our bodies and food choices. 

Are you confused about which foods to choose, and how much to eat?   This workshop will look at the role of insulin in storing fat, and how hormonal hunger is “ a thing”.  Join to get started on your journey to decrease belly fat and increase energy & focus. 

Nicola is a Registered Dietitian who also worked as a Lifestyle Coach for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.  Now she is passionate about teaching women at all stages of their life how simple changes can affect their blood sugar and how this is key to healthy ageing.

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