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Workshops, Webinars & Masterclasses


Welcome to our live and recorded events where we train brains as well as bodies! We believe this is the most effective way to feel your power from within. When you increase your knowledge and understanding, you start a process of embodiment. This is what brings you to smart choices, ease in movement and longevity in your health, wellness and fitness. Knowledge is infinite. - we would never claim to be able to tell you everything on a subject. Things change. This is why we update our events frequently and why we encourage you to do the same with your brain! 

Look out for live events or choose from our library of recorded workshops, webinars and masterclasses.

Want to completely embody a subject? Check out our Bespoke Programmes here  


If you'd like to invite Jane to present one of her unique events for you and your staff and or members  - Contact us here. 


Choose a Webinar, Workshop or Masterclass to watch (available for 72 hours).   Each recording cost £35. Look out for live presentations & extended events with Q&A's plus further learnings for Exercise and Health Leaders.  

Preview our brand new webinar - "Why Women Need Weights..." here....

Why Women need weights more than Men!
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“It’s not me - it’s my hormones!”
The Female Hormone Journey


Our hormones affect us physically throughout our entire adult life yet we rarely understand truly how and,  most importantly,  what we can do to help us harness the power of our hormones to live a healthier, less stressed life. This workshop will look at the rise and fall of the Female sex hormones and how that impacts on us physically, and why Jane believes we all have to work together,  whatever our age or life concern - pubescent, menstrual, prenatal, postnatal, peri - post - menopausal to bring better health at any stage in your life.  Join live and get your questions answered on air or put them to Jane before hand so that she can include them in the workshop


The Power of Your Pelvic Floor

Jane has been teaching specific pelvic floor exercises for over 16 years and during that time has seen attitudes, research, and huge variance in thinking and support for Pelvic Floor Health. This workshop will give you a really easy to understand and comprehensive  overview of the Pelvic Floor, will bust some myths and look at the common issues we have, and most importantly, how we can best overcome all of these. She will also help you to unlock the power of your pelvic floor by unveiling it's inner most secrets!  Join live and get your questions answered on air or put them to Jane beforehand so that she can include them in the workshop

Workshop/Webinar Putting your Best Foot Forward


Our feet are our foundations. Jane has recently been exploring the foot in relation to our movement in a lot more detail and will be sharing in this workshop some insights on how important the feet are for our overall movement and well being. After suffering from achilles tendon issues since a teenager, Jane looks at how barefoot practices and strengthening the feet can alleviate problems up the chain and vice versa.    From your big toe to your tongue! -  We will explore the connections and learn how to feel stronger and more connected in mind and body by putting your feet first! Join live and get your questions answered on air or put them to Jane before hand so that she can include them in the workshop


The Truth about Carbs and Protein. Presented by 
Nicola Schleifer 

Do you wish you knew what food to give your body to create the energy you want ?

Nicola is a Registered Dietitian and health coach specialising in targeting belly fat and fatigue. She has coached groups and individuals in how to zero in on reducing their waist size specifically. She helps people who want to change parts of their diet and lifestyle, but feel it is too overwhelming to do on their own.

In this workshop Nicola explores the science behind carbohydrates and proteins to help you decide what to eat, when. 

Seminar/Webinar - Quite Possibly the Best Exercise Programme in the World!


How exactly should we be exercising, how much for and why? Do you ever wonder what exactly is the best way to exercise and make the very most of your time? In this workshop we will explore exactly what you should be doing, according to YOU. We will look at all the latest research and personal variables so that you can create a plan that's based on factual evidence and personal needs rather than a set of averages, standard guidelines or someone else's success story.    This is an interactive session that's best to join live if you can but can also easily be done after the live showing - just make sure you come with your current programme and a pen, paper to get planning on where you go to next!


In-House Workshops, Seminars and Motivational Speaking 

Book Jane to come to your Health Club, Work Place or Online Platform for Masterclasses, Seminars, Workshops & Motivational Speaking.  Jane has worked in TV and Media , as well as the Sports, Fitness and Health Industries for over 30 years. She is an accomplished presenter and brings to all of her presentations a passion for movement that is infectious. If you'd like her to present any one of the above presentations or if you have a theme you'd like us to work with you on, please do get in contact. 

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