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Jane Wake
Caroline Burns

Pretends to run the show (and does sometimes!) is a single mum with two, little BIG people, both now at secondary school.


She’s mostly interested in creating great content for YOU so if you have any ideas, want to know something specific about our classes or training programmes or would like to collaborate, connect or ask a fitness-related question, Jane’s the one who will check out your message and get back to you.

Now she really does run the show! Caroline is Head of Accounts and Admin, is a whizz behind the scenes,  loves analytics and spreadsheets, Runs like a demon - seriously good runner and has two gorgeous boys who also run around, Caroline’s feet mainly. Caroline knows everything there is to know about pricing, booking, membership and more.


So if you need any help with booking or services, Caroline will be getting back to you.

Anna Bruce
JAne_Wake_Yellow Poppy-anna.jpg

Is our Media whizz, a big talent in the sporting media world and one of the leads at Yellow Poppy Media


She is an incredible woman and an amazing mum who storms the world of TV and Events with two beautiful girls in, around or not too far behind.


Anna looks after Jane’s media and commercial interests. Any personal appearances, media, or corporate enquiries should be directed to Anna at

Body A-Wake Ltd
36 Market Place


DE56 1FZ 



Registered 08299750 (England and Wales)


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