Prenatal Bespoke Programmes


Welcome to our Prenatal special bespoke programme. As a part of The Powerful Pregnancy, this is the ultimate of all our available pre-conception and pregnancy training programmes, with the highest level of help from me.  There are detailed videos on all aspects of training in pregnancy, a mentoring programme, training schedules and the development of a community where you will be able to connect with women from all over the world  - it really is the best place to be to get up to the minute information on exercise in pregnancy plus expert support so that you can prepare as best you can for birth and beyond. 

There are 3 packages, one for each trimester, each one has a duration of 4 months and you can either buy each one separately, purchase all 3 programmes with our bundle offer or set up a direct debit giving you continuous access to each programme,  with the option to pause after 4 months.


Postnatal Programme

Jane to insert copy for a description of the Postnatal Programme which is to be developed.


Sunrise sessions

We started the sunrise sessions as a way to support our regular members who needed some extra motivation to get to class each week. It was only suppose to last a month - it's now in it's 10 month and doesn't look likely to stop any time soon! One of the reasons why the Sunrise Sessions are so popular is that they do truly give you everything you need from an exercise perspective in 4 x 40 minute sessions which include everything from Pilates, to HIIT training, circuits, weight training and relaxation. Whilst the sessions go out at 6.15am. You can do them at any time, plus with our mentor support and chat groups - it really is the best place for anyone who wants to undertake regular exercise and reap all the benefits. The classes are based on scientific evidence that I collated for our workshop 'Probably the Best Exercise in the World' If you are working full time it's perfect as you can get your workouts done before work, even before the kids get up. The difference it makes not only to your day, let alone your long term health is phenomenal.  This is our 5 week step by step programme. You can also join our sunrise sessions through purchasing the Sunrise Membership Hope you can join us. Jane x 

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Peri/Menopause Mentoring Programme


COMING SOON, a mentoring programme that explores women's health issues from pelvic floor to menopause and more.  Whether its strength training that focuses on bone building,  training to work within your cycle or working through injury during the peri/menopause. you'll find a support, guidance, motivation and workouts to help you. You have access to Live Stream Classes, On Demand Library, 4 Workshops and a Dedicated Support & Mentoring Online Group Forum. This is a rolling 6 month membership but you get one month free if you buy a 6 month access upfront.