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Wall Pilates - A New Craze or a genuine way to workout?

I was recently asked to go on the Lorraine show to explain just what this new craze is all about. You Can see the video below. My Verdict? Wall Pilates is a fantastic way to start doing Pilates and or strength training. The wall provides both support and resistance and it's a great way to start working on your strength, mobility and fitness. I created a 28 day challenge specifically for the show. To make it even more effective , the videos are just 10 minutes or less in duration making this really easy to fit in, plus there are additional videos on nutrition and lifestyle - so this really is a complete plan.

You can still catch the original videos on our YouTube Channel for FREE. The full programme, which will be updated with new videos regularly is now available on my Express, On Demand Channel. This is free for the first week and then £17 pcm. On this channel you also have access to a host of different training programmes. Catch the full programme here.

There are 6 workout videos in the first series which also come with a planner PLUS lifestyle videos too. All of this is available exclusively on our On Demand Express Channel. Don't forget to head to our channel to get the full experience.

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Loved you on Lorriane, this morning, Jane, you were fab! Just done the first Wall Pilates videos, great challenge. Thank you!

Grace Abraham
Grace Abraham
Nov 15, 2023
Replying to

Ahh - well done Sarah!

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