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Wall Pilates - A New Craze or a genuine way to workout?

I was asked to go on the Lorraine show on 14th November to explain just what this new craze is all about. So I've created a 28 day challenge. This was going to be just free up until Christmas but I have decided to not only extend it but also create a BRAND NEW 28 plan. This builds a little more than the last one and means by the 4th week you will be doing up to 3 videos a day! Don't worry though if you don't have time to complete more than one. Just continue with one of the video in the plan. I have highlighted which one to prioritise if only doing the one. But if you can get to doing all 3 - WOW you will get some amazing results. Go at your pace though - you can always extend this into another 4 weeks and try to get to 3 videos in another month.

There are 6 workout videos in the series which we have put into the NEW YEAR planner below. Also note videos for our lifestyle focuses and also our blog post on sleep which is essential reading. We have also now created a chat group on Our online Forum called The Strong Sisterhood. Click here to head to the forum and join. There is a group Specifically for the 28 Day Wall Pilates Challenge. Make sure when you register to join and then state that you wish to join the 28 Day Challenge. The great thing about the forum is that it makes us all accountable! Shout out in the forum when you have completed a video and get advice on any of the moves from Jane.

Creative challenge (2)
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You can find links to the videos below the planner.








WORKOUT 5 (Premieres 5th December 2023)

There are 2 more lifestyle considerations for the Wall Pilates Challenge. These are Sleep and Calm. I have written a blog post all about sleep you can access it here.

I have also added a new workout video - except it's less of a workout and more of a relax and release video and it's an essential part of what you should be doing. You could, if you wanted too, do this video every day! It's a must on rest days and worth while doing at the end of any of your other workouts, if you so choose. Most of all, if you are feeling stressed, then this calm video is essential viewing. In order for us to make the most of our Wall Pilates workouts, we need to lower our stress levels. This is how the body moves from a fight or flight to a calming repair and recover mode. In our modern lives we spend so much time in fight or flight, that we lose a sense of balance, which means whatever movement we do, it's not always going to be as affective.

What's more, this is simply a lovely way to say to your body - "I Love you!" And I think that's the most important element of all!

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Loved you on Lorriane, this morning, Jane, you were fab! Just done the first Wall Pilates videos, great challenge. Thank you!

Grace Abraham
Grace Abraham
Nov 15, 2023
Replying to

Ahh - well done Sarah!

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