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Is Mentoring the way to go for better health?

The way we engage with health practices has changed. Getting an appointment with your GP has become a bit like something you'd have reserved for your bank manager or telephone provider!

Is this such a bad thing?

Can we still get the same level of service?

Can we still benefit as much?

For a couple of years before the Pandemic I had started to create digital services but it wasn't until the pandemic hit that those digital services became more than just something to play with. This wasn't because I was a stranger to it. Alongside my fitness career, I've had a 20 year long career presenting on TV and Video.

None of these however were designed to replace the 'real' experience. I was as unsure as anyone if I'd be able to utilise the skills I'd honed over 30 years of teaching.

At the end of 2019 my entire clientele lived within a 2 mile radius of the studio where I taught. By the end of 2022 they lived as far as Australia, India and USA.

Adapting my services with clients 15,000km has taken me some time to get right - and I am still learning! One of my biggest concerns has been how to provide people with the same level of care and attention.

I think I am as surprised as anyone just how well we have been able to adapt - One of my roles during the pandemic was as a Choreographer on maternity sports shoots for Nike. Despite being in my kitchen at home - I was able to look down the photographers lens on location in Spain and America and direct the pregnant and postnatal athletes, ensuring their safety & correct use of choreography. This taught me so much in terms of how to analyse through a digital screen, and communicate to people thousands of miles away.

I have also been fascinated by how we, individually, engage with fitness through a screen - It's so entirely different!

  • Some of us love the convenience of On Demand, where you can drop in any time,

  • Others like the structure and rigidity of doing a Timetabled Class at the same time, often Live every week.

  • Many of us need something very specific with Specialised support.

As a teacher there are two key elements that have always been the cornerstone of what I do and as much a part of your health and fitness as the exercises I put you through...

  • A time to talk

  • A sense of community.

I have always loved the chat before and after a class and in pre and postnatal classes - the chat never stopped! But this wasn't just about being social - it was equally about support, learning and reinforcing everything you we're doing in class.


So, if you are struggling to keep up with your online classes, don't for one moment think it's personal - it's probably all about the before and after chat! 😬😁

Again we are all different in how we like to engage - some of us like to chat in groups, some of us need that 1 to 1 interaction, some of us don't need the chat at all but we do need accountability - the chance to not only show that you turned up today but to also be able to record, document, tick and verify. This is why all of my membership & bespoke programme services*, whether you opt for On demand, Live, or step by step programmes, now offer group & one to one mentoring services. So you can now book as a part of your sign up from Next week on the following times.

Mondays 7 - 8pm, One to one

Tuesdays 8.45 - 9.45am, One to one

Tuesdays 9.45am - 1pm, Group sessions

Wednesdays 12 - 1pm, One to one.

So if you are already a member/bespoke programme client - please do click the link above and book in. If you think you might like to try one of our services - do get in contact here. we can arrange a free consultation to discuss.

As for community - more on that to come! In the mean time, do get in contact. There really is something here for everyone.

Jane x

*all of our memberships and 3-6 monthly programmes have access to the above mentoring, other than our On Demand Express membership. If you currently have express membership and would like to upgrade to our Ultimate On Demand, Sunrise or Bespoke programmes - please get in contact.

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