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On Demand

Welcome to the On Demand section of our website.  This is our most versatile section with a wide range of pre-recorded workout videos you can view at any time.


Whether you want to rent a one off video for a single workout, try our Express On Demand for quick, effective workouts,  or our On Demand Ultimate giving you access to On Demand Express,  and recordings of our unique Live classes.  We also have some suggested workout planners to guide you.

For more information and to learn more about Jane Wake please watch this video here:

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On Demand Options

On Demand

Join In...

Would you like to try one of our workouts live?  It's an amazing experience to follow live or in catch up (available for 24 hrs)  as Jane personally guides your through the class and tailor makes it to your needs. 


You can either sign up to our Bespoke Sunrise Sessions Package for multiple attendances and support, sign up for one of our exclusive membership packages or simply trial a single class, first class is free. 

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