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A New Normal?

It's a phrase that's come out of our current situation and it has got me thinking about what this really means. When lockdown happened I lost both of my businesses overnight. I was heart broken for a nano second then realised it was the biggest kick up the back side I could have, and one I really needed. I had been trying to get an online training business off the ground for several years, all whilst trying to run two other business's and raise two kids as a singe mum. Actually, just make that 4 businesses! You need a strategic plan (or in my case a to do list) for each one. As the owner of a 4 business empire (get me), It would all too often feel like the world was caving in and as a result I would feel like a complete failure at each and every one. BUT, when the world actually did cave in, something very different happened! And it taught me these important things...

...Adversity is the best learning tool - embrace it and use it to move along a stronger path...

...To do that you've got to listen to your gut and also your heart, never has that been stronger for me, for anyone of us in this world than right now...

...Live for the now, because you really don't know what's going to happen in the future, COVID-19 has proved that you really can't expect things to turn out as you plan...

...whatever the twists, back tracks or side ways moves you make, you are still ultimately moving forward. This is real, this is life and it is a good place to be! Just be present in it, listen to it all and know that everything is a moment in time, everything is changing and where ever you are right now, however good or bad is may feel, it is just where you are meant to be. Most importantly, know that it is not where you will be in the next hour, the next day, month, or year. Just being aware of that will help you to move on, develop and grow.

On that note! We have new timetable . You can now attend all classes in the studio as well as live streamed from Tuesday 1st September, bar Wednesday 2nd's Pilates Flow Express (It's my daughter Grace's first day at secondary school - Eek!). There will however be a pre recorded class available - Now there's a new normal right there! With numbers limited to allow for COVID-19 restrictions and all that that entails, I will need to very slowly introduce other classes. I'm starting with a new MamaFit class on Monday 7th September. If you are Mama and want to start off on a focused but gentle strength and cardio journey with a wonderful (social distanced) group of other mums, this is the class for you! We are also currently live streaming this class on Tuesdays. Look out for other spot classes - There will be an evening Barefoot class and an evening Fundamentals class coming soon. I'll be notifying you each week when we have new classes for you to try. Please keep your eye open on this page for info as I open up the timetable with more options. We also have new membership packages which are such good value! Seriously classes have never ever been this good! You can now buy a combined Live Streamed and InStudio membership from just £50 per month and Live Streamed Only from £40 per month. Our 72 session (3 x week) package works out at just £7.50 a class either in the studio or live streamed or just £5.80 for live stream only. Our membership packages will always be the cheapest and easiest way to pay for classes. If buying a block of sessions you can use the promotion code BANKHOLIDAY2020 until the end of the August 2020 bank holiday to get 15% of any block booking. Don't forget your first class with us is FREE! For new prices please head to our timetable page and click on the pricing and membership link.

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday and hope to see you in classes, either online or in person, soon.

Jane x

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