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FitMass 2022

After the success of our FitMass programme last year - we are doing it again! This time with the help of a carefully monitored programme where you'll get gentle reminders to complete each task . This will not only helps us to help you more but also means you gain more motivation to keep going.

FitMass is a 5-6 week programme in the lead up to Christmas which you can start at any time and finish either on 17th or 24th December. It's £75 and includes up to 24 classes, workshops, reports, feedback and mentoring - basically we hold your hand throughout the entire process. Once you enter the programme you need to read our welcome step and then move to the current date and start with your first session. You can access it either through the Spaces App or through the website.

You'll need to register/login and purchase the FitMass programme. Anyone who is currently a Sunrise member or programme holder can purchase it for free - if you have any issues accessing it for free - please do let us know. If you currently have On demand membership and would like an upgrade, please again, let us know. . Once purchased and logged in, go to 'My Programmes' and you'll see the FitMass programme there. From here you can open all your links & videos and book into mentoring sessions from the same place. You need to complete each step and record all activity, including things like walking, running, sports or other strenuous activity outside of our classes. To move onto the next step you have to make sure you have completed the step before. A tick is all we need! But it's enough to keep you in check! Whether you get to do a class or not, you need to record what you do, including moderate activities which we call Activities of Daily Living or ADL's . It will take seconds to do and all accessible via your phone on the app. You'll be invited to join the app once you've registered.

We collate your info and send it back to you in a report each week. We can discuss what you do in mentoring sessions, help you make better eating choices through the run up to Christmas and basically keep you on your twinkle toes!

It is based around the principle of moving in multiple ways and eating with a Protein focus on every meal. Research has shown this to be a really successful way to lose body fat, particularly visceral fat which is the dangerous fat around organs and leads to metabolic disease such as diabetes. It follows the latest science on how to eat and move for optimum health.

Whatever life stage we are at, we need to be thinking onwards with our health. Our bodies change as we go through each life stage so this does mean, what may have worked for you previously, may not work as you go through those changes. Our workshops are designed to help you look at various aspects of these changes and find solutions that you can do in small steps that enable you to progress.

By joining FitMass you have the added benefit of us monitoring your activity levels and working with you to help you find what works best for you. We will support you through chat groups, as well as the mentoring sessions to help you decipher fact from fiction and make positive changes in your life.

The Multiple ways of moving that lead to a better you...

During FitMass we will be encouraging you to try and our classes, plus outdoor activity on your own to make up a formula that research shows can give greater effect than just sticking to one mode of activity. One study (1) looked at a formula they called PRISE. PRISE stands for PROTEIN with every meal, RESISTANCE exercise, INTERVAL training, STRETCH training and ENDURANCE training. The study put subjects into 3 different groups, One with just the focus on Protein, one with just a focus of Protein and Resistance exercise and one with PRISE. Whilst all groups showed favourable results, the PRISE group gained the best results of all.

Whilst this study was small in numbers and subjects involved in the study will vary greatly from YOU personally, there are numerous other studies that show favourable results with similar modalities.

How we get you moving...

The following classes go out live at 6.15am, for 40 minutes, but you can do in catch up for 24 hours afterwards. All are suitable for beginner through to advance and Jane knows exactly who will be following so will tailor the class to your needs.

Mondays - Release Revive and Rev it up

A combination of gentle stretch, release, building strength and cardio, perfect for a Monday!

Tuesdays - The Fit Circle

Hit all your strength and cardio needs in one session. A thorough 40 minutes of 360 fitness

Wednesdays - Pilates Flow with HIITs

Pilates with a difference! We go through 2 rounds of Pilates with some Hiits in the middle which you can push up or down, depending on your current needs.

Thursdays - Strong.

This is our ultimate strength class. We pick up weights and go heavy on each body part in a safe and motivating way so that you can be assured of doing all you can to boost your muscle mass metabolism and weight loss capabilities.

We have calculated all the benefits you'll get from our classes and the below chart will show you how we build a profile of your activity throughout the weeks. It's fascinating to see what you gravitate towards, what helps you most and perhaps what you often avoid!


All of our sunrise sessions are 40 minutes in duration which builds your endurance capacity but we also know that going over and above this length of time and more outdoor style activities or classes is hugely beneficial. This is purely your choice but if you do any activity outside activity or perhaps want to try one of our longer classes such as our Pilates Flow Express or Barefoot workout, you can let us know and we will add it to your profile. It needs to be strenuous exercise where you feel puffed or muscularly challenged to count - Long walks to heavy gardening, DIY or continuous housework can be included.

Activities of Daily Living

Research shows that doing lower intensity movement makes a difference to your health. It may not push up your fitness levels but it does keep your mobile, helps to control insulin levels and therefore great for metabolic health. This can include any lighter activity from house work to stretches you do at your desk. Aim to do each one for at least 5 minutes to make it count.

FitMass is all about helping you to find a difference - and in doing so, a way of eating and moving that works for you. Contact us via the contact page if you have any questions or you can book here

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