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The Members Channel 

Get Free Access, New & Seasonal Workouts.

Welcome to The Members Channel where we will post New Workouts that will be free to all members with active plans.  Watch out for emails which will keep you up to date when new videos are available.

This is also the channel to come to whether you are on holiday or away on business or enjoying one of the seasonal festivities in our annual calendar, all of the workouts in this channel will be selected for their quick and easy use, without the need for much equipment, however worth packing a band in your suitcase - just in case! Your holiday or time home or away is just about to get a whole lot better!

The videos have been labeled as either Express (10 mins or less) Cardio & Strength or Pilates and Relaxation  - All are 10 - 30 minutes in duration,  bar some Pilates Flow workout for all your Pilates Flow die hards who want something a little extra or come to in-person classes! We recommend trying one Pilates & Relaxation followed by 1 x Cardio & Strength on alternate days. Go for 6 days a week with one rest day for the perfect holiday workout routine. 

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