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The Holiday Channel 

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Whether you are on holiday or away on business, all of the workouts in this have been selected for their quick and easy use, without the need for much equipment, however worth packing a band in your suitcase - just in case! Your holiday or time away is just about to get a whole lot better! The videos have been labeled as either Cardio & Strength or Pilates and Relaxation  - All are 15 - 30 minutes in duration,  bar one Express Pilates Flow workout for all your Pilates Flow die hards who want something a little extra! We recommend trying one Pilates & Relaxation followed by 1 x Cardio & Strength on alternate days. Go for 6 days a week with one rest day for the perfect holiday workout routine. 

CARDIO & STRENGTH Switch it Up! May 23

CARDIO & STRENGTH Switch it Up! May 23

Brand new for Summer '23 This is the perfect workout to switch things up. There are 2 modalities that we know can generate the greatest muscle stimuli. One is strength training with a low rep base and high load and the other is short intervals where you aim to push to the maximum level you safely can. What I love most about this workout is that you really can do this efficiently in just 18 minutes, and, You can start by doing the workout without any weights and using the slower or easier versions of the high intensity hits and then gradually increase what you do over time. Ideally have a set of dumbbells - 2 - 5 kg and when you can get a second set thats 5 - 10kg. Start with just the moves on their own, no weights, perfecting your technique. Add light weights and gradually increase - you want to really feel the load of the weight by the end of each set. With the faster , high intensity moves - always start with the low impact version offered and build from there. Go at your own pace. If you'd like more of this style of workout - Why not join our Fit Circle classes on Tuesday mornings or our Strong workouts on Thursday mornings. As i say at the end of this video - its important to be efficient here and get your hard workout down so you can leave plenty of time for the slower paced stuff which is as equally as important because, without rest , recovery, good mobility and mind sent, You will never be able to really find your maximum. So remember when doing this, it's all about balance! You'll love our release revive class that goes out on Mondays and our Pilates with HIITs on Wednesdays. Click on the 'BOOK A SESSION' tab to get a free trial/
CARDIO Christmas 20 minute cardio based HIIT workout
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