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Postnatal Bespoke Channel

A Part of the Powerful Pregnancy

Please find below all your bespoke videos that have been created based on our mentoring sessions and the needs of each of you in the group. You'll find the CORE/CARDIO/STRENGTH videos, then PILATES, Also CORE/PF FOCUS and WELLNESS. Remember to try to replace like for like when looking at the schedule or as suggested in your step by step guide. If you need any help following a video you can type in the chat box to the side or in your prenatal group chat.  We love to hear from you and especially love to hear what you think of each video so that we can continue to produce more, based on you! 

PF/CORE FOCUS - Postnatal PF balance
PILATES/RELAXATION 'Dumb Waiter' (SAFE Prenatal Exercise) Jane Wake
WELLBEING Postnatal Wellbeing 1 - Talking about mood.
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