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We are back down in Lockdown. 2020 reminds me of a game of snakes and ladders! The studio will again be closed to clients and I’ll be back to teaching solely through a lens. To help us all through the next 4 weeks I have come up with a way for us to work together, even if we aren't allowed to do so in the same room. I'm calling it Wake Up Your Lock Down. I would like to make this very clear, this is NOT a 28 day challenge! We are up against one of the biggest challenges of our lives and I'm not about to set you another one! This is however about supporting each other.

Over the next 28 days (or longer if necessary!) I will post/email a daily movement offering. For DAY 1, I simply asked ‘How can you breathe bigger today?’ All you then need to do is send me a message via social media using the hashtag #wakeupyourlockdown and tag me in the post or send it to me personally with your own words of wisdom and interpretation of that offering. Read below to see what our focus is on each day of lockdown.

Let's spread the love of movement

and what it means for all of us as much as we can!

You can accompany it with a picture - it can be evidence you’ve followed a live or catch up class, a video on my Youtube channel or IGTV channel (see some suggestions below) . Each day I’ll give a suggestion of a number of different ways you can move, but our focus will be on the why not the how. You can send a picture of your training shoes, your watch, your achievement on Strava, Fitbit , your sweaty forehead! Show me how you have moved today through your words of achievement, motivation, advice, jokes, love and best wishes! Doing this shows we are all in this together and, by supporting each other through our movement - we can come out of this feeling so much better than before!

I will give a prize to the person who gives the most!!

The prize is not about how much you do - although don't let that stop you moving big - It is about how much you give!

The prize includes a free months membership to our live, in-studio and catch up classes plus 2 x 1 to 1 personal zoom sessions.

If you are already a member there is a bonus prize for you - attend 12 classes or more over the next 4 weeks (from 5th November to 2nd December, we will give you your sessions back! So yes - you get to do each class for free! This is valid for new and current members - The more you move, the more you post, hashtag and send me your thoughts, the more you have to gain!

Day 1 - 5th Nov How Can I breathe bigger today?

Try one of todays catch up classes ...

- Pilates Flow 6.30am

- Antenatal Core and Strength 8.55am

Try one of the following videos on Youtube

- To do with the Kids - Calming yoga

- To breathe and meditate

- If you are postnatal

- If you are pregnant

Try this video on IGTV

DAY 2 - 6th Nov - How Can I connect to my core today? '

Try one of todays Live classes ...

- Pilates Flow Fundamentals 8am

- The Barefoot Workout 9.30am

- Postnatal Pilates 11am

On Youtube

- To do with the Kids - Catching Games

- To do on your own or with other adults CORE

- If you are postnatal

- If you are pregnant


DAY 3 - 7th Nov - How Can I feel my heart beat? '

Try one of todays Live or catch up classes ...

- Pilates Flow Express 6.30am

- The Fit Circle 7.30am

- Pilates Flow Express 8am

- Antenatal Core and Strength

On Youtube

- To do with the Kids - keep on running

- To do on your own or with other adults barefoot workout

- If you are postnatal

- If you are pregnant

DAY 4 - 8th Nov - How Can I feel strong?

Try one of todays Live or catch up classes ...

- Barefoot Workout 7am

- Antenatal Pilates and Relaxation 7.50am

- MamaFit - The postnatal workout 8.50am

On Youtube

- To do with the Kids - Kids Karate

- To do on your own or with other adults barefoot workout

- If you are postnatal

- If you are pregnant

Competition Terms - winner will be chosen based on their overall contributions to Wake up your Lock Down and will be chosen, after careful consideration by members of Body A-Wake Ltd staff. Anyone who is not currently a member will be given a months worth of free classes based on a 48 , 6 month membership. You will not be obliged to continue with the membership after your first month of free sessions, you will need to communicate with us after your first free month as to whether you would like to continue. Any pictures sent must be respectful of the campaign - this is not about changing bodies but about supporting each other and keeping moving on an everyday basis. 2 x 1 hour zoom/skype sessions with Jane Wake will also be awarded to the winner. These will be valid throughout the months of December 2020 and January 2021 only. All contributions on social media must use the hastag #WAKEUPYOURLOCKDOWN and must also tag @janewakeuk into the post. Personal contributions can be submitted via class whats app groups or personally to Jane.

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