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Anyone old enough to remember The Young Ones? (I was clearly two years old, watching beyond the 9 O'Clock watershed (he hem) Anyway, Ade Edmonson, AKA Vyvian's catch phrase above, pretty much sums up what I feel about January and New Years Resolutions , round about.....


Tried going dry for January, now feeling a little damp.

Last week was living off Kale and Avocado's, this week tucking into a whole packet of digestives,

On the 2nd January worked out at a sprint! Now limping through a moderate jog with about as much enthusiasm as a snail.....

Sound familiar?

As far as I am concerned New Years Resolutions are there to be broken! So, if you havent managed to stick with yours - Do not worry at all. Instead have a look at the tips below - bet you could managed one or two of these and potentially keep them going for the whole of 2018, possibly longer....Go on.......

  • Try to maintain good posture - This will enable you to connect to your core muscles more easily. Think about it when you sit, stand, walk, lift, lower.

  • Nip tension and stress in the bud. When you feel yourself getting tense, your body will physically start to shut down. Go for a walk, do some deep breathing or change your environment and or activity.

  • Little and often is key. We cant always manage big chunks of exercise but 10 minutes daily is far better than the odd hour session here or there. Establish a simple routine that you can do day in day out. Something simple , a pilates/yoga routine, a set of HIIT exercises - why not look at the sets in our Barefoot Workout and or a 10 minute section of our Pilates Flow Aim to do one or two of these at home - check out our online programme here

  • Set goals that you can keep. Goals should not be dreams but realistic targets that you can get to and then move onwards and upwards from. Have a target in your mind that you would like to achieve and then break it down into sizeable chunks that you can get to easily - go for baby steps and keep on going until you get there!

  • Challenge yourself. Exercise is not meant to be the same thing week after week. If we did the same in other aspects of our life such as work or bringing up children, we'd never get anywhere! Aim to progress and challenge yourself, whether it's to up the tempo of your exercise or try to attend an extra class each week.

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