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Our Unique Retreat - Special offer for Friends in February

For 3 years now I have been running Retreats in a beautiful place called Finca El Cerillo in the Andalucian Foothills. Our next trip is from Saturday 24th June - Tuesday 27th June 2017 and for the rest of this month, we are offering big discounts for couples, friends or family members sharing. The usual price of our twin or double rooms is £595 per person. From now until the 28th February you can purchase a place for just £500 each.

Working with my very good friend and colleague Lynn Rae, Lynn specialises in the face, jaw and neck.

Her face Pilates is truly unique and can help you to discover how to find balance in this part of your body, an area that we consider so important, yet we never focus on when it comes to strength, relaxation and balance.

It's not just Lynn's work that's special, she herself is one very unique lady. Her journey through life is one that anyone can admire and most importantly learn from. And there is no better place to do that than Finca El Cerillo.

I'm mainly concerned with what goes on down below! As a pre and postnatal exercise specialist, I'll often be heard saying the words 'Pelvic floor' and any other name you can or cannot mention! Learning about this area (which we all have btw) has taught me so much more about the entire body, it's interconnection (there is no 'one' muscle) and also how our bodies, at any age and at any stage in life, have the most amazing ability to develop, heal and change.

Using dynamic movement inspired by martial arts, Yoga, Sport and Pilates, my style of teaching is to find the perfect balance between your strength and length, for you can only feel true strength when you body is able to completely let go. Which is why coming to Finca El Cerillo is the perfect place to discover your true self, a place where you can leave all stress behind you, feel nurtured, energised and completely chilled.

So you could say I work from your feet up, Lynn works from your head down, and we meet somewhere in the middle! Which brings me to the most important part of all.....

In the centre of your body is your diaphragm heart and lungs. Correct breathing techniques can help you in so many, many ways and a healthy diaphragm is essential for correct breathing. But it's the heart that encompasses everything and above all, we aim to get you loving your own body and the amazing things it can do.

So if you come and see us in Spain, surrounded by the most beautiful setting...

We'll get you walking up mountains where you'll breathe solely through your nose....

We'll talk to you about your 'secret smile' ...

We will have some laughs, the option of a drink or two...

Eat scrumpious healthy food and, after just 3 nights and 4 days, you'll come away feeling like a complete new you!

"I was really exhausted when we arrived in Spain, and I cannot tell you how wonderful the retreat was for me. The walks, the place and the sun, but especially learning from you and Lynn who are such wonderful role models. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure and a privilege." Lucy Wheeler

"You are such wonderful teachers, thank you for being so patient and generous with all of us. It was a real privilege to be able to work closely with you and learn so much useful stuff - not to mention the fabulous setting, great company and amazing food." Catherine Wood

If you'd like to join us please check out our Retreat Page on the website and email us if you'd like to chat or receive a booking form.

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