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What your Mother Never told you...

Join myself and Rebecca Maberly from The Doctor and Daughter for a FREE Antenatal Pilates Masterclass, talks and Lunch at Balham Bowls Club on 8th January 2017 12-2pm. Plus win free DVD's and Mama Mio products .

I remember finding out I was pregnant for the first time and being excited but ultimately scared and overwhelmed. The next 9 months was a journey like no other. At the end of it, I had this beautiful baby... I was however none the wiser. In fact, wrapped up in my hormonal, sleep deprived bubble, I was minus a few brain cells, less decisive and making things up as I went along!

12 years on and I have learnt loads. Stuff you rarely learn from a book. The other day in one of my classes, one of my mums needed a little help, 5 women ran to her aid, they all knew what to do to help her - it was non patronising, instinctive and possessed this caring, gentle manner that said in bucket loads - "It's Ok, we know exactly how you feel - yes, it's shit! But we've all been there and we are here to share this with you and take some of the load." It was an amazing moment that made me realise why I do what I do.

When you are new at this baby making game, you can feel so vulnerable. You are bombarded with advice from many different angles, much of which conflicts. My mum did give me some really good advice, helped by the fact that she was a trained nursery nurse and foster carer in a former life. She had 'done' babies - hundreds of them. Whatever the advice however there is one overriding factor - Every pregnancy, every baby and every woman is different. And the more advice you can get that acknowledges this, the better it is. Ultimately you need to know the facts but then you need to be able to listen to YOU and work out what is best for you and your baby.

So if you come to our FREE session on the 8th of Jan, You'll get advice, but it will be peppered with multiple angles, grounded in sound research, include some quite frankly hard to believe stories, definitely carry some laughter and undoubtedly some surprising facts. From pelvic floors to birthly furors - from one mother to another, expert advice, frank, to the point and not necessarily what you'll hear from your mother or any other! To book a place on our Free Masterclass and lunch, please follow this link and send Rebecca and I an email to confirm your place. We look forward to meeting you and your Bump! Jane xx

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