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All I want for Christmas

Grace (my 7YO) diligently wrote her letter to Father Christmas many weeks ago. But 'The Elves' couldn't come and pick up, as her big brother took a while to write his - all 7 words of it - which amounted to XBOX, XBOX, XBOX GAMES, NERF GUN, NERF BULLETS and some very sweet words about his parents - wonder who he wrote that for?!

When ever I'm asked what I REALLY REALLY want for Christmas, apart from World Peace, health, love and happiness, I’m lost for words. What I invariably ask for are some 'nice smellies’ - hardly a good match for what's really needed in this life but it does lead to happy bathroom comforts for at least 6 months while they last!

The reality of what we 'REALLY' want is often much harder to realise - so we often plump for something else - a temporary fix to make us feel better about ourselves. This is what our material world dictates - we fill our lives with 'stuff' to appease the feeling of 'want'. And why knock it?

Other than of course it's first world problem ethos, life's little pleasures can make a difference. There are however times when I totally get why some one may choose to rid themselves of personal belongings in order to enrich their lives. When it comes to exercise this premise is no different - In order to change our lifestyle, get the body we want, lose weight, fit into that size 10, we often go for something that, rather than really deal with the main issue(s), is a temporary measure, something to make us feel better, the quick fix.

Truth is it doesn't matter which gym membership, personal trainer, diet, nutritionist, DVD, APP or Gadget you go for. None of these will get you what you really want. That's because the only person who can really fix you is YOU!

Fitness products and services are not fixers they are motivational tools. They can help, but you need to carefully invest in the right ones.

Whether you're writing your Christmas wish list or treating yourself for the New Year, use this check list before you or anyone else parts with some hard earned cash... ​

  • Ask yourself where you want to be, not in 6 months but in 6 years - will your purchase help you in the long run?

  • Will your purchase increase knowledge as well as muscle power? If you want to get fit for life, you need to have a better understanding of HOW.

  • If you were in an empty space, with nothing other than you and your chosen tool, could you still achieve your goals?

  • Does your purchase do more than just fitness? For anything to stick, it has to have a dual purpose, whether that be a mode of transport, a sociable event or a specific health focus - if it's about fitness alone, it won't work.

  • Does it make your activity, easier to start? Anything that creates hurdles to jump, isn't worth the pennies.

  • Does it make you smile? I had a very serious conversation with some one recently who HATES running, but she does it, diligently, because she knows for her it makes a life changing difference and this made her beam from ear to ear.

As for what you REALLY REALLY WANT, it's time to strip away the fancy stuff and lay yourself bare. And I'm not talking about body stuff - it's what’s inside your head that counts.

For you are truly incredible and it’s about time you started telling yourself so. You have the power alone to switch on the ignition, clock up the miles, fine tune the engine and get where you want to be.

As long as you don't let any 'thing' or 'anyone' stand in your way.

Realising this is the biggest present of all!

Next week we are trialling a brand new class on 14th December at Heaver studios at 8.15pm. It's called The Barefoot Workout - check out our timetable page.

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