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Meat, Two Veg and Top of the Milk Please!

For at least 15 years, if not more, we have been talking about lifestyle change in order to keep ourselves all tippity boo.

“Change your eating and exercise habits for life!” is what we preach. I find it fascinating however that the food, diet and fitness industries of which I am a guilty part, base services and sales on transient trends that are reportedly ‘good for us’.

I say transient, some may stick, but for the main, by human nature, we are bound to move with this constantly changing environment in which we live. Whether it’s the latest piece of research, cook book, promoted product, diet or life/fitness coach with the highest number of social media hits, our healthy eating, exercise and food habits are far from life long habits.

More and more I talk to people who are completely confused by the information that is out there. Whether it’s clean living, cave man living, fasting, or fast exercising…I Can’t help but feel we all have slightly lost the plot.

So, whilst we are all soaking our almonds and holding our noses to consume green juices and jumping up and down like lunatics for 20 seconds - I thought I’d share with you my latest fad, well two actually…

Meat and Two (or more) Veg

It struck me - as I desperately attempt to drag my children away from their insatiable need and my willingness to give (anything to keep them quiet) pesto pasta and pizza that, instead of constantly trying to make them eat green juice and quinoa, why don't I just do what my Mum did? Give them meat and two veg!

OMG! It’s so easy! No blitzing no grinding or over night soaking "Meat&2Veg!" what a concept! We may go for a bit more veg, less on the potatoes and may be forget the over boiled cabbage but - wow! It may just work. And, if it could work for two, pasta bowl loving, “But why cant I have a McDonalds” fuss pots - how about everyone else? It’s the size of a juicy lamb cutlet folks!

Forget your food plates your portion pyramids, fancy pansy clean, lean and mean recipes, if we all just ate meat and two veg (apologies my vegetarian friends - My daughter by the way affectionately calls you herbivores - the rest of us are just boring old ‘meat eaters’) then yes! We could just reverse the last 40 years that has left us bigger and unhealthier than ever.

As to what to drink?

This week I rediscovered the beauty of top of the milk. I finally found a milk supplier that could deliver to my home, non homogenized, unadulterated milk that is lovingly milked from grass fed cows from….wait for it…the same farm!

It tasted wonderful, has more nutrients and more importantly didn't carry the words ‘From cows of multiple farms, fed on non GM grains’ which has always disturbed me - organic or not.

And, before you think I have turned into some kaftan wearing throw back to the 70’s, I am not about to throw out my nutri-bullet. My point is, we need to stop over complicating things and that may be the answer to our eating issues, and I’m talking nationwide here, is actually a little closer to home…just a thought.

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