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Why we have to STOP LOOKING and start FEELING...

Yesterday I helped to launch a new product whose whole ethos is about good health and promoting better quality of life. Some times I look at things I have done in the passed and wondered - how much have I, and others from the fitness industry, really thought properly when it comes to improving quality of life? Take the whole calorie counting thing – for years we were obsessed with numbers - whether it was the number of calories on a cardio machine or the number of calories in an item of food. We didn't stop to think that having double the number of calories in a gram of fat compared to sugars could actually be a good thing and, contra to popular thinking, help to boost our nutrition, improve our health and lose weight!

The recent focus on quality not quantity in the nutrition world has certainly made me stop in my tracks…..

Are we so obsessed with looking at the outside that we have forgotten to look at what lies within?

At yesterdays launch I talked endlessly about the Pelvic floor – it’s a muscle you can’t see and trying to get anyone to recognize and feel this muscle, especially when they have pelvic floor issues, is not easy. Some of us in my profession have perfected this art – but we haven’t done it by sight. Call it mindfulness, meditation or down right determination…whatever works for you, I don’t really think it matters. Whether you are a coach or a couch lover, if you want to get yourself or anyone else connecting correctly to core muscles, you’ve got to STOP LOOKING AND START FEELING.

I love social media but I don’t love the way it’s making us think solely in pictures. Not to say that pictures don’t generate feeling – they do – and that’s part of the problem...When you post a picture – Don’t just think about how it looks, think about what ‘feeling’ it conveys.

And when you are teaching, coaching, moving, cooking, eating, living - don’t forget to close your eyes and let your other senses do a little more of the talking!

Today Jane help to launch INNOVO – a new therapeutic devise for helping to restore the pelvic floor

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