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Wishing you a big Happy Heartfelt day...

Today we are celebrating Valentines Day and whether you are feeling romantic or simply spreading the love to all those around you, It's a great day to think about big hearts, big health, long life and laughter. This week I have been working a lot in schools, developing ideas around active school culture and it totally frightens me when I look at the prospects for today's kids.. There are so many warning signs, telling us to slow down, de-stress, move more, eat well and focus on the things that make us happy. But it's when you look at the next generation that it really starts to make you realise how this fast culture we are living in really needs to change. Kids worlds are different now, socially, academically, culturally - the demands on their little minds and bodies are a million miles from where we were just 25 years ago. Just think back to your own childhood and start to compare. It's not surprising therefore that more and more children are being diagnosed with Diabetes, mental health issues, heart conditions and more. So if you do one thing today - make sure it focuses on getting your and their hearts beating in a positive way - even if that is to employ a little bit of mindfulness.... - slow down - stand still - put your hand on your heart - feel it beating and just remind yourself that when you and everyone else around you completely stops still, there is one thing that brings us all together - a pounding heart. On another note, our Spring Term is around the corner and in the next couple of weeks we will be trialing some new early morning class times to see if they may suit a few more of you, especially as winter draws to a close and the days start to get a little longer (Cant wait!). Have an amazing day today Wishing you a big Happy Heartfelt day! Jane x

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