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Pre & Postnatal Live & Recorded Masterclasses 

A Part of the Powerful Pregnancy

Here is where you will find all of your recorded live sessions from within The Power Pregnancy and Beyond Bespoke programmes. These classes go out live once a month and unless stated otherwise, will go out on the first week of the month, please click here to see when you next live class is. It's also possible, if attending the class live, to have two way view so that Jane can watch you during a class. Please note that she cannot do individual assessment or feedback during a class but will address any points to the class as a whole and can feedback to you directly in mentoring sessions. Please let us know if you would like to have 2 way view. 

Pre_Postnatal Pilates, S &C  5th September   10.15am

Pre_Postnatal Pilates, S &C 5th September 10.15am

Well if anything technical was going to go wrong - then it did in this class! The beauty of live filming! However - This is such a great session you simply cannot miss it and you can miss the tech hitches quite easily in this recorded version! Please forward to 2 minutes in which is the point at which my mic starts working! there is also a point about 10-15 minutes in where there is a pause - but this is literally a second or too , please ignore. So the first 30 minutes of this class has really 2 sections. an inactive phase and a very gentle active phase which comes in at 10 minutes. This is PERFECT for you if you are in the late stages of pregnancy or very early in your postnatal journey, Just keep going until you feel you need stop. Listen to your body and energy levels and do whats right for you. The gentle active phase leads to a great upper body release so if you want to release jaw and neck tension either for a) birth (releasing the jaw - releases the pelvic floor!) or b) to relieve from feeding and sleepless nights. Then this is a MUST for you. at 29 minutes in we start a big active phase, suitable for anyone not in the above stages. At 55 mins in there is a lovely core and PF focus. - this is not suitable for anyone 20 weeks pregnant or more. If doing this as a stand alone, please do minutes 2 - 10 first as a prep/warm up for this last part of the session. Doing the beginning and the end is just perfect for anyone who is starting their postnatal journey. Enjoy!
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