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Christmas Smoothie

At this time of year - our diet quite rightly goes completely off the scale in terms of foods we know are not exactly good for us. Quite frankly I believe we should always be able to eat these things but lets face it, the 80/20 rule of eacting the bad stuff 20% of the time really doesn't apply to Christmas! That doesn't however mean NOT eating anything good! It's really worthwhile keeping your body at least in touch with its healthier self by planning something to set you off on a good start for the day - like my Christmas Smoothie which is a part of our #HELLOFIT Christmas workout plan. Check out the video and make sure you don't waste any of those lovely brussel sprouts by putting them in your smoothie! How too video and recipe below. Enjoy!


Handful of brussel sprouts and spinach

2 handfuls of berry fruits

1/4 handful of nuts such as cashew nuts or almonds

Additional green nutrient powder ( e.g. wheat grass, macha - mixed greens optional)

2 tablspoons yoghurt

1 ripe bannana

1/2 handful oats (only add these if you are about to do or have done a big workout - if not, leave out)

Enough water to fill container up to 3/4 once filled with above.

Blend to smooth liquid, makes enough for 2/3 people, drink straight away.

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