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Pregnant Pause?

Having Kids...

It’s something most of us will have to seriously think about at some point. It’s not easy, particularly when there is little control over the decision. It can bring a mix of extreme emotions and put you on a trajectory that you are least prepared for.

Watching my own kids play at being families, I love the innocence of their non-gender specific role-play – every one and anyone can be a mummy or a daddy in their world. Without any sexual awareness, they take on the parental concept - Whether it’s a child, a doll, animal or plant, the human instinct to nurture is lurking somewhere in all of us.

I find it quite amazing therefore that the idea of pregnancy itself is seen as something that doesn’t concern the majority. Just because you don’t carry the label of ‘Mum or ‘Dad’ doesn’t mean it’s none of your concern. We were all babies once after all! We only exist because of a chance procreation and resulting pregnancy and birth. Yet still, in this society, we struggle with many concepts based around pregnancy.

I did a few things during pregnancy that caused a few glancing looks. Most memorable being when I went clubbing, went to a gig or went running. I’m not quite sure what exactly flashed through the minds of people when they saw me doing these things but for every smile there came a look of either fear or disapproval.

So what is it that makes us feel uncomfortable with pregnancy? Is it a lack of knowledge or a cultural belief that pregnant women are something that can only be handled with extreme caution or care?

Well guess what?

All the while we continue to exist there will always

be pregnant women in this world!

What I find even more fascinating is the fact that every woman who has gone through pregnancy will have significantly changed both physically and mentally and whilst we can brush this off as a moment or pause in her life, it REALLY isn’t! It may not define her but it will change her in some way or another. Understanding these changes, whether you are hoping to one day be a parent or perhaps looking to work with pregnant or postnatal women, can not only help you to understand others but also understand a little more about how you came to be in this world!

The more I work in the exercise and pregnancy field the more fascinated I become by our own existence. I’m even more fascinated by the amazing link between pregnancy and physicality.

Research shows us that women who exercise effectively during pregnancy can have easier pregnancies, easier labours with less need for intervention and also mean their recovery post birth is much quicker too. What’s even more fascinating is the growing body of research that shows benefits for the baby. Benefits that can have a long lasting affect on development through life.

Pregnancy itself is a short period in a woman’s life. She may choose to forget it! But its effects can last a lifetime and certainly not just the ‘postnatal period’ we tend to associate with pregnancy and birth.

If you would like to find out more about Exercise, Pregnancy and Beyond, I am running two workshops.

Fit for Birth on 5th November 1- 3pm at The ReCentre, Balham. This 2 hour workshop, designed for couples and women who are either hoping to get pregnant or are already pregnant will take you on an active journey from pre-conception through to birth and beyond. Get the inside knowledge on exactly what you should be doing exercise wise to make you stronger than ever. To book go to this link.

Fit to Deliver on 19th/20th November – this 2 day course, designed for fitness leaders, midwives and physiotherapists is with myself and Dr Karen Nordahl. This is a certified programme designed by the Fit to Deliver team. To attend the Fit to Deliver course please email us and we will send you booking details.

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