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Postnatal Programme

  • 220Days
  • 47Steps


Welcome to our Postnatal Programme which is a part of The Powerful Pregnancy. This period is often called the 4th Trimester, for good reason as there are some very specific needs for you at this time. This period of time can be 6 weeks or 6 month. You have the freedom to self pace & move onto our other programmes whilst still getting the postnatal support you need. Through step by step, bespoke workouts, mentoring from Jane and a community of like minded women, it's the perfect opportunity to discover your true strength as a mother. We believe Mothers are the strongest humans on earth. We are here to not only remind you of that strength but most importantly, to help you to discover it. How it works You'll enter a step by step process where you'll have 4-5 steps to complete each week. These steps include self assessments, workouts & info to follow on subjects like the pelvic floor, nutrition etc. There will also be an 'Essentials' task to complete. This could take anything from 2 - 10 minutes and could be simply filling in a chart or doing a specific exercise that you have agreed to do with Jane. You'll also be able to book into either a live or pre recorded, bespoke class. The class runs every Monday but is available, via the programme, any time. Once you have completed all the Postnatal steps (minimum 6 weeks , we will assess your needs & guide you towards either another specific focus or our other classes, whilst still attending the postnatal classes each week.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app



3 Plans Available, From £65.00/month


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