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The Power Pregnancy Bespoke Programme

  • 24Weeks
  • 101Steps


Welcome to our Prenatal Bespoke programme. As a part of The Powerful Pregnancy, this is the ultimate of all our available pre-conception and pregnancy training programmes, with the highest level of help from me. There are detailed videos on all aspects of training in pregnancy, a mentoring programme, training schedules & the development of a community where you will be able to connect with women from all over the world - it really is the best place to be to get up to the minute information on exercise in pregnancy plus expert support so that you can prepare for birth & beyond. You can start this programme at any point in either pre conception or pregnancy. Start with the Fundamentals videos first. When you have completed these, move onto the week you are in, in your pregnancy. If you are in preconception, the fundamentals videos are perfect for to start with as it will put you into the right mindset in terms of how you should train to prepare you for your pregnancy. After you have completed these, we will guide you to some of our other videos & sessions within Jane Wake Studio. When you are pregnant, you can start the pregnancy, weekly programme. Many women choose not to do anything for the first 6, even up to 13 weeks of pregnancy. This can be to do with the higher incidence of miscarriage during this time or because you are feeling very sick. We totally acknowledge this & should you wish to pause your programme during this time, please just let us know. Jane x

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2 Plans Available, From £65.00/month


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