The Powerful Pregnancy 

The Powerful Pregnancy is an exercise and wellness programme designed by prenatal exercise specialist, Jane Wake. Our mission is to to empower women to be their strongest both physically and mentally during pregnancy. Movement is integral to everybody. It is what we are designed to do.  Never is this more so than during pregnancy. This programme will take you from pregnancy, through to your postnatal period, ‘The Fourth Trimester’ and return to full exercise.  Join us on our journey to empower and encourage all women to find their optimal strength. 

More than an Exercise Programme

The Powerful Pregnancy is unique in that we are building a community and class timetable, live each week.  We have started with just a small group of women in the studio, at 12 - 16 weeks pregnant. We have now filmed and completed videos for 12 - 18 weeks and are currently working on 19 - 23 weeks.  If you are in these categories you can join in with the programme by clicking on the appropriate stage. There are also opportunities for anyone to join us in the studio  - contact us below if you would like to be in a live class!  If you are earlier or later than this - please still sign up. We will send you links to the correct information/videos for you and you can still join our community.  

We are working on bringing the Powerful Pregnancy to you in full any day now! in the mean time - please read and look at our essential videos and information below and if you'd like us to notify you the minute we are ready to launch - please register your details on the contact form below. 

How to use this programme

The service is completely free  - all you need to do is sign up to gain access to all our videos, additional info and community where you can chat with us and all the other women signed up to The Powerful Pregnancy.


You will need to read our T&C's, Health Screening information and watched our videos below on intensity and safety. This is vital for you to able to participate safely and be able to make the most of this programme. 


A part of the Powerful Pregnancy is the collection of data about Exercise in Pregnancy. This is a really important part of what we do - It helps us to improve our services and it gives us evidence that we can then take to some lovely people who can support us and help us to develop this as a continued free service.  Any data we collect is done so anonymously, however we also invite you to send in comments and reviews for publishing should you wish. We also would like you to comment on YouTube when you have completed a workout. This helps us to track usage and is in the public domain.  Any comments made on our forum however remain a private group chat for our community only. 

Intensity guidelines 

Health and safety guidelines

We use equipment in the classes but it is possible to do all of the classes without anything at all. If you'd like to make the most of our programme however, we do advise having a mat to exercise on, a couple of exercise bands and a fitness ball that you can also use as a birthing ball. These are really easy to obtain and also very cheap. Here's a guide to obtaining them...


For a fitball/birthing ball  - These are one in the same! If you buy one as a Fitball you will have a better choice of price and range. Aim for a size larger than you'd use for regular exercise classes -  this would  be a 55cm diameter ball for anyone 5 ft 2 (157cm) and below. 65 cm for anyone 5 ft 3 - 5 ft 10 (158 -178cm) and a 75 cm ball for any one 5 ft 11 (179cm) and above. The ball needs to be 'anti-burst' and you need to make sure you have a suitable pump to inflate it. 

For resistance bands  - Aim for handled rubber, tubing. If you've never exercised or haven't for a while, aim for a 1 x light resistance (typically red)  and 1 x medium resistance (typically green) band. If you exercise regularly but moderately, go for 1 x medium (typically green)  and 1 x heavy resistance (typically blue). If you are a regular - high intensity exerciser, go for 1 x heavy (typically blue) and 1 x v heavy (typically black) resistance. 

You will also need a non slip mat (e.g. yoga mat), and some towels and/or cushions

Contact Us

For support with the Powerful Pregnany and any queries please contact us using the form below. 

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