Pricing & Membership


First Class is Free


Our unique booking system is designed specifically for big people who have little people to consider! It enables you to cancel out classes late without charge and reschedule for another session. You can make up your session in another class the same week, or, if you are away for a longer time period you can double up your sessions the week before or week after so that you never miss a class. This is how we know you will get results with us!

Online & In-Studio 

Our Online Classes are either Live Streamed or Catch Up classes.  With the Live Streamed class, you can join in Live and talk to Jane using the YouTube chat function and you will also be added to the class WhatsApp group. Even if you cannot join in Live, you will have 24 hours to view the class (48 hours for Antenatal and Postnatal classes) and can still benefit from the tailored experience. We can also, in specialist class groups, work with you through video call so that you get constant feedback and reassurance from Jane throughout the class. Our In-Studio classes are held around Balham and Tooting in South West London. Check out each class for venue details. 


How Passes Work

Buy a block of credits and every time you book into a class, the appropriate number of credits is taken from your pass.

Online Classes = 2 credits
In Studio Classes = 3 credits

Mix and match between In-Studio or Online Classes which include Live Stream & Catch Up Classes.

Up to 2 credits can be rolled over to a new pass or membership.

Free trial and single classes are valid for 14 days




12 Credit Pass

Valid for 1 month


Use against 4 In-studio classes or 6 Online classes or a mixture of the two i.e. 2 In-studio classes and 3 Online classes

Single Session

Online Class


24 Credit Pass

Valid for 3 months


Use against 8 In-studio classes or 12 Online classes or a mixture of the two i.e. 4 In-studio classes and 6 Online classes

Single Session

In Studio


36 Credit Pass

Valid for 4 months


Use against 12 In-studio classes or 18 Online classes or a mixture of the two i.e. 8 In-studio classes and 6 Online classes

Want to spread out your costs & carry your sessions over a longer period?
Look at our amazing membership options…



Online Lite



8 credits per month

Use against 4 Live Streamed or 4 Catch Up Classes per month or a mixture of both.

All Access Lite



12 credits per month

Use against 4 In Studio Classes or 6 Online Classes

per month or a mixture of both

Great for those who wish to train on average once a week

Online Unlimited



Unlimited credits per month

Use against Live Streamed or Catch Up Classes - mix & match to suit!  Great for joining Online Classes twice a week

All Access



24 credits per month

Use against 8 In Studio Classes or 12 Online Classes per month or a mixture of both.

Great for those who wish to train on average at least twice a week

All Access



Unlimited credits per month

Great for Joint Membership and for joining us 3 times a week or more!

Membership Information

Membership is ideal if you'd like to commit to a longer time period and/or have a big goal to achieve and wish to attend multiple sessions per week.

Not only does membership enable you to spread the cost of your classes out over 6 months, but it also means, per class, but you will also be paying much less for our specialist services.

As with passes, you buy a membership with a total number of credits,  2 credits will be used for Live Streamed and Catch Up Classes (aka Online classes) and 3 credits for In-Studio Classes.  We also offer Live Stream only memberships for those who cannot make it into the studio,

Membership contracts are for a period of 6 months, Bookings will be enabled from the date of your first payment and for 6 months thereafter.  You will receive your 6 months worth of credits at the start of the contract so that you can book into classes ahead of time without having to wait for your monthly credits to renew each month.

Memberships are also interchangeable so if you run out of credits and would like to add more or you would like to look at our Joint Family Memberships, just contact us and we can adjust it for you.


Exclusive to Members is our On Demand service where you will find your favourite workouts, masterclasses and more. Want to do a workout again and again? Let us know and we will place it in the On Demand section for you.