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The Movement Journey...

Whether you are an exercise leader, been moving on and/or off for years or have only just started to consciously move (congrats btw!), YOU are on a movement journey. None of us have made it thus far without making a fair few mistakes along the way (stories in comment boxes below please!) But how exactly did we get here? What on earth possessed us to get spinning madly on a bike, kayaking along a treacherous river, plummeting down a hill , lifting a weight, shaking a tail feather, jumping a box, throwing/kicking/hitting a ball or simply sitting and consciously breathing? There are those who are born with ballet shoes, trainers or football boots on their feet but for the majority of us, we have come via a journey of twists and turns…literally. As with any journey in life - it can bring knowledge - I have learnt much of my craft through the injury, illnesses and pitfalls of myself and my clients!

When it comes to life, or at least prolonging it - your movement journey has pretty high stakes. It's why we all need a movement journey. From preventing illness to exhilarating thrills - it's life enhancing and what our bodies are made to do.

I personally don't believe in things being sent from above, below or sideways. I work through evidence based practice. I do however think that the journeys we take, whilst often a pain in the bum or worse, are also the things that ultimately shape us and save us…. Basically shit happens….

We change careers, get married, get divorced, have a stressful job, fall prey to a serious illness, have babies, financial stress, have to cope with death …… all of these things will impact on your journey through movement and help you to forge a path.

If, therefore like me, you are in a job of encouraging, teaching and motivating others to get up, move and feel good about themselves, quite frankly, what you learn from most text books has about the value of a pin head.

It’s also what makes me concerned with the focus in the media and in fitness instructor education, i.e. a focus on trends that we assume will be good for YOU. Whether it's the latest HIIT training workout, new piece of equipment or anything from Pilates to Paragliding.

Recently I came across some fitness training for instructors that was as useful to anyone in the real world as my daughters current obsession with My Little Pony (or am I missing something?!)

There was a distinct lack of discussion and analysis, listening and questioning - this is what makes some one a good leader and enhances theirs and others journey through movement, not taking an exam or being credited with the latest fad in exercise.

To all those who are in the movement business, what you might think as a failure, i.e. a lost client, a ground swallowing moment, a failed exam, a poorly attended class… Like any life stuff - these things form us - They are good! They are a part of your movement journey so embrace them and learn from them.

If you are currently on a movement journey towards better health, or just about to embark - go forth! I'm not saying it will be easy but as long as you question and seek answers for everything, from your motivations, to the way your body feels - you're in for one hell of a life enhancing ride!

Here are my 5 top tips for keeping on going;

  1. There is no end game, but there are aspirations and reachable dreams, the best ones are the ones that you look back on and realise you are already living - keep these close to you and in your sights at all times.

  2. If your journey has no thrill element, don't stop, just keep on moving until you find it.

  3. This is not a race, there is no end, but you can keep making little steps - in fact they are the best ones to make.

  4. If you need some help along the road, make sure whoever you ask is prepared to listen and can positively answer all your questions.

  5. If you slip, fall over, even crash and burn, use this experience to redirect your journey - do this and you'll find a stronger, longer and better path.

Jane Wake and Lynn Rae are holding their Retreats in the most beautiful setting of Finca El Cerrilo in the Andalucian National Park in Spain. 24th - 27th June 2017 and 25th - 28th June 2018. As well as unique sessions in Pilates for the face and body, mountain walks and plenty of R&R, Jane will be offering mentoring sessions to fitness, pilates and yoga instructors. It’s for any level of fitness or health - we have lots of experience and have been on plenty of journeys! We look at all those attending individually and aim to help them however we can. For more information on Retreats click here. For more information on Jane click here U

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