Pilates Flow

Jane Wake's Pilates Flow is a unique, challenging, yet focused and therapeutic class. It uses tried and tested methods developed by Jane for improving posture, strength, power, co-ordination, balance and overall wellbeing through a blend of dynamic flowing sequences and martial arts inspired moves. This is an intelligently thought out workout that in just one hour a week can make a difference to your body and your life.



Jane first developed Pilates Flow for many of her female clients, who, after going through her Baby A-Wake programme, needed a class that could challenge them further and help them to regain high levels of fitness. She knew they and others needed a workout that could tick all boxes and be the one thing, failing all else, they could do to keep themselves fit from the inside out. To create the ultimate workout it needed to feel like a run without the impact, have the benefits of Pilates, the centering of Yoga without the preamble and the discipline of a bootcamp, without the brutality. As a trained Pilates teacher Jane knew Pilates would feature heavily in this workout - don’t however expect this to look or feel remotely like a Pilates class. If you have done Pilates before you’ll certainly recognise some moves but you’ll soon find yourself flowing off into a journey that will have you climbing mountains, fighting off demons and sprinting to the finish line. So why not come join us for the workout that does it all...

If you can't make it to a class, you can now Train Online. Jane's programme includes videos teaching you how to follow Jane's unique Pilates Flow sequence. 

Sign in to watch and get a taste of what is to come for Jane Wake's Pilates Flow Channel for FREE today...Full Programme launching in May! 

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