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Pre & Post Natal Exercise

The perfect place to stop if you are pregnant or have recently had a Baby and looking for the best expertise in health, fitness and wellness.

Once upon a time, women were told to 'rest and put their feet up' throughout their pregnancy.  With Jane Wake that is one fairy tale you will never hear us tell!  Every year new research helps to clarify how beautifully matched pregnancy and exercise can be.  When you are pregnant however there are so many more things to consider - most importantly the fact that you are exercising, not just for one life but for two!  Your exercise programme, therefore, has to be specifically tailored and taught by people who not only have the knowledge and experience but also people who truly understand and care.  Jane Wake is one of the most highly qualified, inspirational and respected talents in the fitness arena and one of only a very small number who focuses on Pre and Post Natal exercise and beyond


Pilates Flow

Jane Wake's Pilates Flow is a unique, challenging, yet focused and therapeutic class

These Pilates Flow classes use tried and tested methods developed by Jane for improving posture, strength, power, coordination, balance and overall wellbeing through a blend of dynamic flowing sequences and martial arts inspired moves.  This is an intelligently throughout work out that in less than one hour a week can make a difference to your body and your life.

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Workouts for everyone

Programmes available for all, from age 2 to 102!

ane has taken the experience of the Pre and Post Natal workout and the development of the Pilates Flow and put together research-led workouts for all the family.  


There are Fitness programmes from Core to HIITs, spin, circuits and weights.  A health club that can also be done in your own home.


Specialised Programmes are being developed all the time from Chair based injury rehab or training for a marathon.  Not only does Jane provide a full programme of pre-filmed and fully timetabled classes but there are weekly newsletters, video's on nutrition, access to a number of Live Streamed or In-Studio Sessions and 1 to 1 meetings. 


Jane is also expanding a specially designed programme to improve children's fitness, concentration and well being.  Take a trip through the jungle with the kids to make exercise, fun, interactive and engaging.

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