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Make sure you have read our T&C's, Health Screening information and watched our videos below on intensity and safety. This is vital for you to able to participate safely and be able to make the most of this programme. 


A part of the Powerful Pregnancy is the collection of data about Exercise in Pregnancy. This is a really important part of what we do - It helps us to improve our services and it gives us evidence that we can then take to some lovely people who can support us and help us to develop this as a continued free service.  


Any data we collect is done so anonymously, however we also invite you to send in comments and reviews for publishing should you wish. We also would like you to comment on YouTube when you have completed a workout. This helps us to track usage and is in the public domain.  Any comments made on our forum however remain a private group chat for our community only. 

Intensity guidelines 

Health and safety guidelines

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