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We launched our classes around 15 years ago,  focusing on pre and postnatal services under the name of Baby A-Wake. As our audience grew we created Mamafit and Pilates Flow classes where we continued to consider everyone's needs as a mum, but at different life stages.


We kept on developing new programmes and our tribe kept growing!  The following classes are available,  either through our online live, catch up or In-studio services. Your first class with us is FREE, then you can book in for a single or block pass booking or why not consider our membership packages which also include our On Demand service, exclusive to members.

Antenatal Pilates & Relaxation

As your body shape changes during pregnancy your spine, abdominal and postural muscles are placed under new and extra demands.  These small group classes are designed to help you cope with these changes, reduce back pain, prepare you for labour and help to maintain abdominal strength for better back support and postnatal tummy strength.  If you are joining in from home you will need a mat, towel and cushion for this class and if you have one, a birthing or large exercise ball (if not you can use cushions or the edge of an armchair).

Antenatal Core & Strength
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Pregnancy and birth is now recognised as a high level endurance event with recent research comparing birth to an ultra marathon. Mothers are strong and in our classes we aim to harness that strength so that mentally and physically you can prepare for birth. Training for strength during pregnancy can give you so many advantages but it’s vitally important to get your movements right so that you can ensure you are training effectively for you.  Under Jane, or one of her team's expert care, we will ensure you are always moving in a positive way for you and harnessing your ultimate power as a pregnant women to prepare  for birth. These classes are done, either online or in person with video call view available in live classes so we can watch you and look out for you throughout the class. 


These classes are designed to help you cope with the demands of pregnancy and birth, preparing you for labour and help to maintain abdominal/core strength for better back support and post natal tummy/core  strength. Please bring a band to classes if you have one, if not you can use a small towel instead.

Postnatal Pilates

For Mums and babies, this class uses uniquely designed exercises that will work on strengthening deep core muscles from the pelvic floor to your tummy. It will also teach you how to start moving effectively using these muscles and is the best preparation for any mum who wants to return to regular exercise. This has to be your first port of call for any exercise after having had a baby. But it doesn't matter if you had your baby 2 months ago or 20 years ago!  If you have symptoms of a weak pelvic floor or abdominal issues causing back and hip pain as a result of child birth, this class is for you.   Other lifestyle factors such as feeding, carrying and lifting infants that cause stress to the neck, shoulders are all considered within this class.


The only Cardio, Strength and body-positive programme designed specifically for Postnatal Mums!  Finding a new level of strength and fitness after a baby is easier said than done.  This class is a unique opportunity for you to get really fit the right way under the guidance of true postnatal exercise professionals.  We will ensure that you train efficiently and give you optimum advice to be as fit and healthy as you can possibly be, post-pregnancy.  Out timetable includes varying styles of classes to include circuits, aerobics and workouts.  Baby zones are provided in ay time MamaFit classes.  Also to note that it doesn't matter whether your baby is 2 months or 20 years - the issues we face as mums are exactly the same and any mum is very welcome to this class.

Pilates Flow
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When we developed Pilates Flow we hadn't quite anticipated just how popular it would be!  So much so we started to introduce it to clients who weren't Mums.  Now both men and women can enjoy this unique, challenging, yet focused and therapeutic class.  Pilates Flow uses tried and tested methods developed by Jane for improving posture, strength, power, coordination, balance, and overall well-being/  Also included are dynamic flowing sequence and martial arts inspired moves that are Unique to Baby A-Wake. 

Our selection of Pilates Flow classes held each week...

Pilates Fundamentals, Introduction Class

This Pilates class goes at a slower pace and is a great introduction for our flow classes.  It's ideal if you are new to Pilates or looking for some more detailed instruction or specific help.  Like our Women's only classes we focus here on individual needs.  Whether your aim is to run a marathon or recover from back or knee pain, this class is ideal for you.  If you are also thinking of getting started in fitness then this is the perfect pace to start.  You will learn how to exercise correctly and develop a strong basis from which you can build your fitness.

Pilates Flow Express

When we developed Pilates flow we hadn't quite anticipated just how popular it would be! so now to keep up with demand we have introduced our Express Class.  This 45 minute version will go at a slightly quicker pace - same workout, just a little more concentrated - prepare to sweat! 


Pilates Flow 30 Minute Class

In this class will go through 2 flowing sequences in 30 minutes.   This is the ultimate, energising workout that will get you real results


 All Classes Include personalised guidance to help you in class and beyond.  

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The Fit Circle
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Are you recovering from injury, postnatal, menopausal or need to get started on some serious exercise and don't know where to start? The Fit Circle is designed to help anyone who has a specific need or in a rut with their exercise and keen to be able to step it up a gear, Under our high expert tuition, in small group classes we pay particular attention to your needs, adapting each move so it's specific to you. This is all the advantage of PT but with the fun and prices of a group X class. If visiting for the first time, please make sure you arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class so that we can discuss your needs


This is our brand new workout for 2021. Strength is potentially the most underrated form of fitness for women and whilst all of our programmes encourage strength, this class focuses entirely on it. If you are wanting to up your strength then this is a must. Research shows that strength training for women is so important for both bone and muscle health, particularly as we age. Join us for a workout that will work on muscle overload whilst teaching you techniques you can use in the gym or at home.  You will need dumbbells and or a weighted ball and a band for this class. 

The Barefoot Workout
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Using weighted Pilates balls, bands and superpower moves from martial arts, ballet, and more.  Join us for the ultimate HIIT training workout!  Not one muscle is left untrained in this workout that will give you ultimate strength, power, and maximal energy expenditure.  All set to great pumping tunes that, along with Jane's expert instructions, will get you mid and body switched on better than ever before.  If you want results then this is definitely the workout for you!  Classes last for 50 minutes.


Our Venues

Balham Baptist Upper Hall
Balham Baptist Upper Hall

21 Ramsden Road, London, SW12 8RA

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Our Live Stream Classes are currently filmed from home whilst we are still working our way through this pandemic.   Once we can start training indoors we will start to hold some of the classes in Balham Baptist Church

21 Ramsden Road, London, SW12 8RA