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Sunrise 2024

  • 6Weeks
  • 53Steps


To get the best out of this programme, pick a SUNDAY as your start date. Welcome to the Sunrise Session Programme which is all about you finding your way of doing Fitness for life. This is a programme of 6 weeks duration with the first step designed to start on a Sunday and the first class on Monday . Please note that this actually Sunrise or Sunset! All classes are available for 24 hrs or more PLUS, you could upgrade to include 4 of our in-person classes. You get automatic entry to our Sunrise Sessions. These run Mon-Thurs live at 6.15am & are a perfect balance of all fitness modalities. Watch anytime - miss it & catch up later. Research was carried out looking at the concept of PRISE - Protein, Resistance, Interval Training, Stretch & Endurance. The research found that when you do a combination of all these things, including eating protein with every meal, we gain greater success. Sunrise is about exploring this concept to find out what could work for you long term. Also included is the workshop "Quite Possibly the Best Exercise Programme in the World" and Dietician Nicola Schleifer's workshop on Protein & Carbohydrates. Whilst doing the classes & workshops, we will be getting you to log, with our help, all of your activity. We will send reports & discuss your progress in mentoring sessions. Check our Welcome step for more on this. This is a unique opportunity to properly assess, with expert help, what movement truly works for you. Jane x

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