Baby A-Wake

Welcome to Jane Wake’s Baby A-Wake Club! - The perfect place to stop if you are pregnant or have recently had a Baby and are looking for the best expertise in health, fitness and wellness.  Our services cover, ante and postnatal group and one to one sessions including Pilates and our unique programme called Body Back After Baby.  It is also the birth place of Pilates Flow – a brand new hybrid style of Pilates and martial arts devised by Jane and great for everyone. The process is easy – have a look below but most importantly get yourself booked in for a FREE TRIAL CLASS. You can then book for a course of sessions that will change your body & mind in as little as 6 weeks. We run classes over 4 terms Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, breaking over Christmas and also in August. Our timetable may vary slightly from term to term but you can book into our classes at any time. Book for 6, 9, 12 weeks worth of sessions or take out membership and spread the cost of your sessions out over 6 months.


Our Philsophy

Once upon a time women were told to ‘rest and put their feet up’ throughout their pregnancy. At Baby A-Wake, that’s the one fairy tale you will never hear us tell! Every year, new research helps to clarify how beautifully matched pregnancy and exercise can be. When you are pregnant however there are so many more things to consider - most importantly the fact that you are exercising, not just for one life, but for two!  Your exercise programme therefore has to be specifically tailored and taught by people who not only have the knowledge and experience but also people who truly understand and care. Through our classes we aim to create an overwhelming feeling of wellness, life and vitality that will empower you to feel confident, in control and safe. They can also enable you to feel fitter and healthier during your pregnancy and postnatal years than ever before. We also believe that what you can learn from Baby A-Wake will serve you well now, and for the rest of your life.

Our Classes


Antenatal Pilates

As your body shape changes during pregnancy your spine, abdominal and postural muscles are placed under new and extra demands. This small group course is designed to help you cope with these changes, reduce back pain, prepare you for labour and help to maintain abdominal strength for better back support and post natal tummy strength. Includes…

  • Individual assessment during class

  • Access to our online videos for continuing exercise at home

  • Essential advice on exercising in the pool, outside and in the gym

  • Holistic advice on health and wellness for you and your baby

  • Dynamic strength and Cardio moves included in the class 

  • Unique Baby A-Wake exercises devised to help you in labour

Postnatal Pilates

For Mums and babies, this class uses uniquely designed exercises that will strengthen, lengthen and balance your body from the inside out. Other lifestyle factors such as feeding, carrying and lifting infants that cause stress to the neck, shoulder as well as lower back areas are considered within this class. Your teacher will work with you individually as well as in a small group using deep stretching and strengthening exercises to bring you back to shape and health. Includes…

  • Individual assessment during class

  • Access to our online videos for continuing exercise at home

  • Essential advice on exercising in the pool, outside and in the gym

  • Holistic advice on health and wellness for you and your baby

  • Dynamic strength moves for functional movement so you can cope better with daily activities 

  • Expert help with Pelvic floor rehabilitation

  • Expert help with Diastasis Rectii and abdominal/core rehabilitation   



At Baby A-Wake we know that it is vital to get your deep core muscles and overall balance right before you start going back into doing regular exercise. As a part of your rehabilitation back into the big world of moving fast, furious and without losing your mind, your pelvic floor or your hat,  we have designed an amazing cardiovascular and strength class that's perfect for mums. We advise you to attend our Postnatal Pilates classes first, just so we can assess your needs before directing you to either this class or some of the others on our timetable. Because of the way we teach however some mums can start with this class straight away. This is therefore a great way to get back into doing regular exercise such as running or other exercise classes.  Like all our Baby A-Wake classes MamaFit is completely baby friendly

  • Individual assessment during class

  • Access to our online videos for continuing exercise at home

  • Essential advice on exercising in the pool, outside and in the gym

  • Holistic advice on health and wellness for you and your baby

  • Strength, Cardio and HIIT style moves designed with Mums in mind.  

  • Individual adaptions and care for your specific needs 

  • Expert advice on returning to your sport or exercise activity   

The following classes, whilst not specifically pre or postnatal have been designed as our lovely community has grown and are perfect progression for you to go into as you get stronger after having a baby. They are also however suitable for everyone, We now have al the family coming to class - including Dads, Grandmas' Grandma's and older teenage siblings!  we have grown our interests to rehabilitation from injury , menopause and continuing to help all men and women who may have issues with pelvic floor or specific hip issues where our knowledge on the pelvis means we really can help you as well as new Mums. So there really is something here for everyone. 

The Barefoot Workout 

We work barefeet for good reason. - Your feet have the most incredible power and often we lock this away in training shoes. In our studio we have the advantage of a sprung floor thats ideal for working out barefoot. Instruction on training the feet is given and we recommend also doing our pilates classes which are also bare foot and will work on foot to core connection to strengthen you to be able to not only enjoy our barefoot workouts more but also improve your running and other sport activities. We use weighted Pilates balls, bands and super power moves from martial arts, ballet and more. Join us for the ultimate HIIT training workout! Not one muscle is left untrained in this workout that will give you ultimate strength, power and maximal energy expenditure. All set to great pumping tunes that, along with Jane and Vanessa's expert instruction, will get your mind and body switched on better than ever before. If you want results then this is definitely the workout for you! 


Pilates Flow

This unique concept devised by Jane is currently exclusive to this Timetable. Practiced by celebrities such as Lorraine Kelly and Kimberly Wyatt, it blows the socks off any other Pilates programme. On our timetable are classes devised specifically for women – if you are postnatal you should try these or go to our Postnatal Pilates classes first. We also run 6 week courses for men and have a more advanced Pilates Flow class called Pilates Flow Express. Pilates Flow follows a set pattern of movements over a period of 10-12 weeks. The sequence changes around the beginning of a new season; The Spring Flow sequence starts in March, Summer in late May/early June, Autumn in September and Winter in late November.  You can however start at any time. Your teacher will guide you through. Click here or on the Pilates Flow tab for more information and Book in for your FREE TRIAL as soon as you can, and while there is still space!

Our Venues


We run our classes in some lovely studios that sit between Clapham South and Tooting Bec underground stations. If you live anywhere near to Clapham, Balham or Tooting then you are within walking distance. On street parking is available near to each venue. Please make sure you check parking restrictions.


260 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7AN

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260 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7AN

Heaver Studio
Heaver Studio

239 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BE

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239 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BE

Rutherford House School
Rutherford House School

217 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BS

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217 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BS

Thurleigh Road
Thurleigh Road

88a, Thurleigh Road, London, SW17 7AN

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88a Thurleigh Road, London, SW12 8TT

Tooting Athletics Track Studio
Tooting Athletics Track Studio

Tooting Bec Road, London, SW17 3NP

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Tooting Bec Road, London, SW17 3NP

Balham Baptist Upper Hall
Balham Baptist Upper Hall

21 Ramsden Road, London, SW12 8RA

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21 Ramsden Road, London, SW12 8RA

Our Team

Jane Wake
Jane Wake
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So this is me - Jane! And I am the Director of Baby A-Wake, often to be found galavanting around, doing extra curricular stuff on telly or in mags. My heart however is very much at home, teaching all you gorgeous lot in one of our lovely little venues between Tooting Bec and Clapham Common. Failing that, you're likely to see me in Waitrose or Sainbury's or Tesco's (I'll do any), battling with a shopping trolly and two maniac kids. The reason Baby A-

Wake exists is because when I was pregnant with my son Daniel (now 11) 

people would stare at me in the gym as if I was some weirdo! When he was 

born, there was absolutely nowhere I could safely exercise with him in tow. 

had already trained as a Pre and Postnatal specialist with Fit to Deliver TM  who are world leaders in the field. Their style of training sparked huge interest for me as their approach was to not just look at the physiological effects of pregnancy and exercise but to also marvel at how amazing and wonderfully aligned they are!  Fact is – pregnancy and exercise do go together – you just need to know exactly how and why. I started to study in depth and became the training provider for Fit to Deliver in the UK.  A large part of my knowledge has come through not only personal experience but also through the experiences of the 100’s  - probably now 1000’s of women who have come 

through our programme. Many of those women have stayed with us, which 

why we now provide classes for all women…and men too! (Primarily long 

suffering Dads – but anyone is welcome!) Baby A-Wake and Pilates Flow classes provide a place where you can gain expert knowledge regarding 

exercise in pregnancy, post birth or functional health and be able to safely 

exercise, knowing you are getting the right kind of help, in an environment 

where no one is scared of any amount of baby talk!

Vanessa Godfrey
Vanessa Godfrey
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I have been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years. I have a true 

passion for fitness and continue to further my qualifications and training as a personal trainer and pre and postnatal specialist.  My style of training pre 

children was fast, military, the 'beast you' style work out. 5 months in to my 

pregnancy with my daughter (now 5) I ran a half marathon. It took me a little 

longer to get back in to exercise after she was born however. It was hard 

trying to find a class where I could take her along but also where I was getting 

the best form of exercise for me. (Being a fitness trainer you become very fussy). This is when I met the amazing Jane Wake. I too was her client and she very much helped me get my body and more importantly my mind back after having a baby. The thing that stood out for me with Baby A-Wake was the knowledge the teachers held and the importance of starting back slowly and safely with correct technique and gaining the strength before moving on to more strenuous exercise. The fact that all the teachers have such a good knowledge helped me discover that I actually had a thyroid condition. The groups were always open and friendly and I met some great friends.  My view on training styles changed and, although I still like to work hard, my approach is very different now! I was incredibly honored to be asked to teach for Baby A-Wake and be a part of a fantastic team of teachers. I now have 3 children - 5 years to 5 months! When I am not working you will often see me running around one of the local parks or most likely in Dee light bakery in Balham, having a coffee and an amazing cake whilst trying to manage my 3 who are very determined and strong willed. (I do not know who they get that from!)

Our Testimonials

After I had given birth to my first baby I was keen to get back into shape as soon as possible. I was breastfeeding and exhausted after weeks of interrupted sleep, so bearing this in mind, I wanted advice as to how to best achieve this from a true professional who understood what I was going though.


Baby A-Wake was the perfect solution for me, as not only could I bring my baby to the classes, but I felt that I was being properly looked after in terms of the right type and intensity of exercise as well as nutritional guidance. The classes are small, personal and unpretentious. My teacher, Jane was also great at motivating me, so after each session I felt as if I'd had a proper workout. This gave me a lot of extra energy (which I sorely needed!) and gradually got me back to a similar weight to what I'd been pre pregnancy. I would strongly recommend Baby A-Wake to any expecting or new mum.


Nicoline Sandwith, 

Body Back after Baby

I've always exercised regularly and was really keen to continue throughout my pregnancy.

I started Baby A-Wake classes when I was 4 months pregnant. The classes really helped me to be certain that I was excercising correctly and talk about any issues that I or the other girls had. It was a great way to meet other mums-to-be and be forced to do my pelvic floors! As a result of staying fit throughout my pregnancy, I regained my pre-pregnancy shape within a few months of giving birth.


Laura Chamberlain, 

Preganancy Pilates

I was struggling in my first couple of months of pregnancy with sickness but still wanted to try and do some exercise, so I decided to check this one out.

I've really enjoyed it. It has helped me to gain great results and was very good for my posture during my pregnancy. Jane, Baby A-Wake teacher, played an immense part in my experience throughout the pre natal classes. She filled me with confidence and calmed my fears for the big day with her guidance and advice.


Silvia Samporaghi,


I started Baby A-Wake classes when I was 4 months pregnant.

I was able to keep exercising (safely) while I was pregnant and start again with post natal classes only weeks after giving birth. It made sure that I didn't loose my fitness and motivated me to start exercising again as well as getting me back to my pre-pregnancy shape. It was great that I could take Emily along to the classes with me - I think she enjoyed it too!


Katy Bere, 

Pre and Postnatal Pilates


Our Products


The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Pregnancy -Written by Jane Wake, Published by Mag books. 

Jane’s first pregnancy book provides you with all you need to know to get fit and healthy during pregnancy. It also includes preconception, nutrition, beauty advice and a full postnatal programme too. Cost £7.99 + P&P. Email us with your purchase request on


The Complete Baby A-Wake Ante and Postnatal Programme Available NOW on DVD.

This 2 DVD set programme includes 6 hours of exercise, nutrition and healthy living advice from the UK’s Leading Ante and Postnatal Fitness Expert, Jane Wake. Buy both DVD’s here for just £15.99 + P&P. Or you can buy single, antenatal or postnatal DVD’s for £9.99 plus P&P.

Email us with your purchase request on


Pricing & Membership

Single or Block Bookings

Your first session with us is always free. If you go to our class timetable you can sign into your first class and take the FREE CLASS option. Please note that block bookings are based on attending at least one class per week.


NO 24 HR CANCELLATION POLICY! Our unique booking system however is designed specifically for big people who have little people to consider! It enables you to cancel out of classes late without charge and reschedule into another session. You can make up your session in another class the same week, or, if you are away for a longer time period you can double up your sessions the week before or week after. This is how we know you will get results with us!


Prices as follows;

  • 1 session £25.00  - valid for 30 days from purchase

  • 6 sessions £135.00 – valid for 6 weeks from first session

  • 9 sessions £175.00  - valid for 9 weeks from first session

  • 12 sessions £199.00 – valid for 12 weeks from first session

  • 18 sessions £ 269.00 – valid for 12 weeks from first session

  • 24 sessions £335.00 – valid for 12 weeks from first session

Want to spread out your costs and carry your sessions over a longer period? – Look our amazing membership options…


Membership is ideal if you know you’d like to commit to a longer time period and/or have a big goal to achieve and wish to attend multiple sessions per week.  Not only does membership enable you to spread the cost of your classes out over 6 months, it also means, per class, you will be paying much less for our specialist services.

Membership contracts are for a period of 6 months. Bookings will be enabled from the date of the first payment and for 6 months there after.

For more details on membership please click here.


Membership Options:

  • 24 Session Membership - This gives you 24 sessions over 6 months (24 weeks - averaging 1 sessions per week) Costs: £60 Per month

  • 48 Session Membership - This gives you 48 sessions over two terms (24 weeks - averaging 2 sessions per week) Costs: £90 Per month

  • 72 Session Membership - gives you 72 sessions over two terms (24 weeks - averaging 3 sessions per week) Costs: £110 Per month

  • Joint membership 48 sessions (for partners living at same address) - gives you 48 sessions over two terms (24 weeks - averaging 2 sessions per week) Costs: £95 Per month

  • Joint membership 72 sessions (for partners living at same address) - gives you 72 sessions over two terms (24 weeks - averaging 3 sessions per week) Costs: £115


Why you'll get results with us....


You can book in and out of classes easily by either using the website or the MINDBODY app.

By using our easy booking system AND ensuring you attend all of your classes we promise you will SEE RESULTS

We also send you emails to remind you when your class is starting and give you lots of motivational tips to keep you coming down to class! As a team we are never further than an email or a phone call away.  Your goals are our goals and we will go the extra mile to ensure success!


Before you book make sure you read our full terms and conditions.


Our Opening times:


We schedule our classes over the four seasons, making little tweaks to the timetable at the beginning of each season.  You can start your sessions at any time over these seasons but please be aware that class times may change ever so slightly at the start of a new term.  We also close shop for a few weeks over the Summer and Christmas times. If you have booked sessions/membership that go over these periods we will extend your membership or booking to ensure you have the correct number of weeks to take all of your sessions.


Contact Us


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26 Nimrod Road
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Tel 07929 391942 


Registered 08299750 (England and Wales) 


For personal appearances and media enquiries please contact